You are More than Stressed

Do You Suffer From Chronic Anxiety?

I’ve worked with many clients suffering with chronic anxiety over the years. If the anxiety wasn’t bad enough, most also suffered from shame. They they were told they “couldn’t handle the stress.”

But I am here to tell you that anxiety and tension are not stress. Chronic anxiety and tension are usually signs of a deeper issue.

Did you know your body is designed to tell you when we are off track or have a physical issue?

I had terrible anxiety and insomnia in my 20’s that had nothing to do with my daily routine, it had to do with thought patterns and food allergies.
Remember, good stress is good for us. It motivates us and connects us to creative energy. We are naturally creative, not anxious.

If you suffer from chronic anxiety and tension, please set aside some time for closer examination before your health suffers.

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Remember, good stress promotes creativity and motivation.

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