Two Tips for Harnessing Your Creativity

Hello there! It’s been a little while since I’ve written because I’ve been unexpectedly “pulled” into a creative flow that’s lasted for about 7 weeks. It’s been both exciting and a little surreal but at this pause I can look back fondly in amazement at all I’ve been able to create in just a short amount of time. I’ve started a book, delivered a workshop, created a community and completed my first radio show.Yep, all that with very little pushing on my part.

Have you ever found yourself in a long creative work period that seems to pull you effortlessly along? It’s wonderful, right? If you haven’t had this experience yet, don’t worry, yours is coming. It’s a wonderful time. It is a time when information synthesizes effortlessly and synchronicity dances with you. Ideas become systems. Systems meet the right people. Problems get solved. It’s AHmazing.

This last creative flow was certainly a treat for me. While I have enjoyed this type of “pull” before it was only in very small, short bursts. And few and far between. I enjoyed them because it seemed my work got done in less time and was of very good quality. So to experience the pull of my most recent creative flow for weeks on end was a real treat. I imagine this is the type of experience a sketch artist or painter goes through. Bringing an idea into the world is a gift.

Harnessing the Creative Flow

It seems to me that once the creative flow hits, time ceases to exist. There is a sense in the body of being pulled toward the paper or the computer keyboard all in the name of creation. While I was in the flow I felt nudged along, pulled to put the energy running through my body into something tangible. Hours flew by. I needed less food, sleep, and distraction. I sat in one location for 6 or 8 hours needing no food, feeling fine and present. “Oh, how I love working this way.” I thought.

So, here is your question for the new year: Will you be pushing to make things happen in your life, (again), or would you like to have the pull of creativity beg you to make something “real”?

If you said, “I want to be pulled!” you are in luck. I’m going to give you a couple of tips to help you use a creation flow when it hits. Oh, and remember timing is an important part of creation, so don’t force it.

First tip: You must make room in your life for quiet time. Whether it is meditation, prayer or quiet contemplation, whatever you call it, you must make room in your life to hear the inner whispers of inspiration. One of the best ways to start cultivating this is to do a short noting practice. After taking a few deep breaths, take your focus to a sound in your environment and be with it until another sound comes into focus. Be with the next sound, and then the next, taking time to be with each sound for at least 30-60 seconds at a time. This starts to focus the conscious mind, giving room for your subconscious to tune in to inspiration.

Tip two: Practice taking action that’s stimulated by feeling. This is a good practice that helps you take inspiration from idea to action. If you practice this prior to being in a creative flow you will be able to identify a creative urge faster. This means you can put the creative idea into action quicker. Here’s how you can practice this:

  1. Sit quietly and wait until you feel like doing something. Notice any feeling in your body such as an itch on your nose or a stirring in your heart center.
  2. Once you’ve identified the feeling, take the action, (you’ll know what to do). The action is the expression of some desire within you. The desire can be expressed as scratching your nose, yawning, sitting, standing, writing, drawing or singing.

Doing this exercise regularly helps you build trust in your intuition, and you will have cultivated the skill to write, paint, sing or move when the flow of inspiration pulls you into action. You can have a lot of fun with this activity.

Happy New Year to you my friends and may you be pulled by creative flow this year!






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