Sacred Psychic Surgery

Tuning Energy SignatureWhat is psychic surgery? Psychic surgery is a phenomenon of physical healing from medical ailments performed by people who are highly intuitive or psychic. Most psychic surgeons work with their hands or other simple tools to perform the healing.  Others work long distance with people and intuit how to clear the dis-ease or physical ailments from the body.

What is sacred psychic surgery? While I use my intuition and hands to guide me, sacred surgery is an active participation between me and the client and the physical body. It is beyond a typical healing session because I am actively holding dialog with the physical body during the process. During a sacred surgery session, the focus is on connecting the client back to their true nature. Most of my clients are very spiritual so the focus is on bringing the body’s wisdom up to consciousness. By bringing this information into awareness through highly focus moments, the client learns how to listen to and direct the body, mind and emotions to heal. As the mind participates in active communication with the body, healing and insight that was once hidden from the client is revealed.

Every journey into darkness frees us from our self made limitationsWith this focus, sacred surgery becomes more of a guided journey through time rather than a “healing session” where the practitioner does something to a client.  You can think of it as a focused meditation or intuitive communication that serves as a catalyst for retrieving the wisdom or technologies encoded in your cellular structure. It is also a way to release the denseness that has accumulated in the body, often described as heaviness, overwhelm or darkness. This session is designed to tune you to your natural energy signature, free from mental patterns, emotional traumas and/or disharmony between the soul and the physical neurology.

 Note: while these sessions are powerful, they should not take the place of medical attention.

Please Note: Beginning September 1st, 2017, all Sacred Psychic Surgery sessions will be done remotely via Skype or Phone.


What can I expect during a session?

  • A feeling of being cared for; relaxing
  • New insight for releasing mental patterns
  • Energy tuning using Sacred Vortices of the body
  • A re-awakening and connection to your primal nature
  • Deep state of noticing all movement in the body and mind
  • Intensely engaging and professional without being cold and clinical
  • Very Important. Engagement at all levels – emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies

How would you describe the session? 

  • You are gently guided to focus on and retrieve the information within the Sacred Vortices of the body
  • You will be in a very calming experience as we step outside of time and space momentarily
  • It is intensely engaging and activating; expect to be almost in a dream state and be led by forces (outside, inside and beyond)
  • Our time together feels like a deep, remembered experience, like a flow state
  • It is very transformative but not in a way that’s predictable (no two sessions are the same)
  • It is a cleansing experience, and cleansing on a level you can’t experience anywhere else in life (not exercise, meditation, or other movement)

Who Benefits from this Session?
People who:

  • Suffer from Chronic Pain or Sensitivities (touch, light, sound)
  • Suffer from ADD, ADHD, or extreme anxiety
  • Need inner healing or to reconnect with themselves (intuition)
  • Wish to dream their life on purpose and manifest from an aligned place (everything is energy)
  • Are open-minded and are consciously trying to grow and want to try something new (living spiritually)
  • Lightworkers, spiritual and shamanic practitioners who need to release cellular denseness from their field
  • Are desperate; they’ve tried everything but still can’t get resolution
  • Desire full level healing and change, including energetic tuning and guidance from guides

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