Grounding Guidance in Everyday Life

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“I’ve had a psychic reading, now what?” This is a question I’ve heard from some of my clients after a professional reading with their psychic, astrologer, or spiritual coach. And while I am happy they asked for help after the reading, I wish I could have helped them prepare before the reading.

Having a psychic reading is not a “light” activity, well unless you are doing it strictly as entertainment. But most people I know hire a psychic because they are: confused, have a strong urge to do something “crazy” or “out of the ordinary”, or their life seems to be unraveling quickly.

These are good times to ask for help and finding someone you can open up to is important. So what does one do after receiving guidance? Good question, and I love it because this is one of my specialties, I call it “grounding guidance”!

Before I go into what to do after a session, I’d like to offer some things to consider before the session.  Considering the following will help you make the most of your session:

  • The person’s specialty, is it specifically what you are looking for? 
  • Your outcome: what is your burning desire or question? For example, do you want confirmation of your own “inklings” or are you open to anything they have to say? Be specific, most psychics ask for your goals, but be as specific as you can
  • Your intuition, do you feel good about the person? Can you trust what they say?
  • How will you use the information after the session?  It’s important to start exploring ways you will use (ground) the information you’ve received into daily life.

For today’s discussion, we will be focusing on the last item, but all of the points above, (especially if they are considered before your reading), will help you feel more confident after the reading. For now, let’s say you’ve had an hour long reading with someone and they’ve covered your questions and then some. You have all this information about what is possible for you and you are buzzing from the information. WEEE! You might feel overjoyed. You might feel overwhelmed. Maybe you are underwhelmed and knew all the stuff already. 😉

So now what do you do? Go back to your burning desire, what was it you really wanted to know? If you received the answer to this burning desire, this is where you start. This is what drove you to work with the psychic in the first place. Great. Now that you have this information let’s start grounding it. Here’s how:

Ask yourself these questions:  What was I doing about this situation before the reading? Was I stuck? Was I ready to move into a new career or have a conversation with someone?

Can you see how exploring these questions help you identify your next step(s)? They are designed to move you back into your daily life quickly, which is important. It is important because if the information stays at too high of a level, it stays “ungrounded” and seems less relevant to your life.111

So now you are back into your daily life. Yay! You know what you wanted and you know what you received during your reading. Now it is time to move into action. Taking the next step is where people feel most hesitant. If you find yourself feeling a bit antsy about doing something, take a pause and ask yourself: Do I believe what this person told me?” Huh?

Now this probably seems a bit late in the game, but in my experience, people have had readings (which can cost hundreds of dollars) only to say, “No, I can’t do that, they were wrong.” or “I don’t know if I can do X, I’m not sure I believe them.” This is not a good place to be because now you have more information that can add more confusion about your situation. So if you have doubts, check your belief quotient. Make sure it is high – it will save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

So let’s say, thought, you trust the guidance you received. You are now ready to identify the next possible step, and the smaller the better. Here’s an example: You are going to make the call to that person the psychic mentioned. Clear and simple. Great. Now identify the very next thing that has to happen in order for you to make the call.

Make it simple. And when I say simple, I mean simple. This might sound extreme, but trust me, when we don’t break things down to the smallest actionable step, we put things off.  I’ve seen it over and over again. Failure to identify “actionable” steps is what stops people from doing things.

Below is a breakdown of the steps for making the phone call:

1. Find person’s number.

2. Find a time in schedule to make phone call.

3. Pencil time into calendar (with phone number).

4. (Optional) Rehearse phone call.

5. Make call.

Ta-Da! You now have the first three steps to grounding your guidance! WOOHOO! 

To recap, here is how we grounded the information in this situation:

1. We compared the before and after situations to determine the next actionable step.

2. We checked your belief quotient. (Do you believe it?) If it is low, explore why. If it is high, go for it!

3. We broke the action down to its smallest steps; small steps help us achieve big goals.

Happy Grounding! 🙂

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