Group Presentations

Why hire Janis for your group presentations?

Looking for something deep, unique and heartfelt? I’ve been making myself more available to group work because there is a deep need for people to feel they are not alone and what they are experiencing spiritually is real. My diverse background and 10 years of presentation experience helps me facilitate people through deep moments of contemplation and learning in a safe setting.

I’ve come a long way from giving technical presentations in the stuffy corporate world. And while a lot of the work I present is deeply profound and healing, I always incorporate laughter and joy because I know they are healing forces in their own right. Plus, honestly, once you get “the truth” of what we are doing here, it’s easy to laugh at and be delighted by real world situations.

The work I’ve done with clients over the past 6 years has really humbled me. There seems to be so much we still don’t know about trusting ourselves, especially our bodies. And through my own hero’s journey I have developed a deep understanding of why we are here and how the process, not what we hope to find, gives us insight into who we really are.

Presentations Currently Available

Stop Living Parallel Lives: How to Ground Spirituality in Daily Life. Ever feel like there is a spiritual you and a daily life you? Are you tired of going off and doing spiritual work only to feel uninspired and restless in the daily grind? In this presentation, Janis gives you the secret to integrating, or “grounding”, spirituality in your daily life. You will also learn a 3 step process for making your spiritual practice work in your daily life.

How the F*&* Did I get HERE? My Journey from Engineering to Psychic Surgery. I am often asked how an engineer becomes a healer, and more importantly, how a “normal” person like me comes to psychic surgery work. I love sharing my story of how synchronicity, psychic readings, initiation through death and a complete break in ego got me here. After years of being thanked for telling my story on a one to one basis, I’m ready to share my journey with more people. If you are looking for an entertaining and honest account of an unexpected journey through spirituality that will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful, this is it.

Getting all the Information: How to Talk to Your Body for Solutions. Our physical bodies are more than cells, muscles and bones. Did you know our physical bodies act as receivers and store information for us? Did you know that most sensitive people, including those with anxiety, ADD and ADHD, have a treasure trove of information stored just beneath their consciousness that needs to be “finished?” It is my mission to teach people how to get into their body, listen to their body and retrieve the subconscious and unconscious information they need to heal emotional and physical issues. This presentation includes an experiential journey into the physical body and intuition. Participants are encouraged to bring an issue they can explore in our time together.

RLRC Presents at ANLP

Janis at St. Edward’s University, April 2016


PRO Model ANLP 2012The ea407545_10150497089430798_137926230_nrly days…In 2011, I started facilitating small groups through experiential exercises in both NLP and Hypnosis thanks to the Austin NLP Meetup. These early presentations prepared me to run the Austin NLP hypnosis monthly meetings from 2012-2014.

I was terrified back then, but I started presenting while I was still an engineering student at UTSA. My favorite presentation back then was for the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). The presentation was about women’s experiences in the engineering field. What I enjoyed most about that presentation was that it was a nice break from presenting technical information, it was about mindset and people. I have always enjoyed exploring topics from a different lens or perspective and giving participants something to think about. Many years later, I still love looking at common issues from different angles. If I hear ‘ahs’ and ‘ohs’ and laughter during my presentation, I know I’ve done my job.