Energy Paths in Spaces

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I was recently asked how I know what to do during a house energy clearing ceremony. I realized it was hard to describe what I do because it’s a more sensory experience for me. Because I am curious about processes, I was willing to play. So as best I could, I slowed down my thought process and walked through what I remembered about the ceremony.  Here’s a bit of my process:

  • Declare intent upon entering the space, “I am here to clear and bless this space.”
  • Get a general feel for the house by walking through most of the areas
  • After walking through the areas, ask for a place to set an altar
  • Set the altar with the appropriate materials by getting quiet and noting what items “feel” right for the space
  • The client and I intend what they want for the space, something like “I intend to release old energy”
  • Start by clearing a space near the altar
  • Find the next space by noting where your body wants to go

I simply go with the energy “trails” throughout the house as we typically wear energy patterns through our homes without even realizing it. For example, when I cleared my new space before move in, there was a well worn energy pattern between the master bedroom and the 2nd bedroom (they were right across the hall from one another). I could tell because every time I walked through that area, it felt heavy and dense. In this example, sound was the healing force through this path. I rang a bell and smudged the area while walking the worn path. It took several clearings over several weeks (house had only one owner through time) to release this stuck energy.

Some tools of the trade

Some tools of the trade

No matter what space I’ve cleared, one thing is for sure. Space is a living organism of its own, and just like us, it absorbs a lot from its environment. If you tune in, you can tell what’s going on in your space.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What is your favorite room in the house?
  • What is your least favorite space in the house?
  • Where do you seem to spend the most time?
  • Do others comment on your spaces when they come over? “Oh, what a great space!”

With time and attention, you can notice which areas of your home need some TLC. And when they are cleared and “happy” – so are you!


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