Communication Coaching

Creating Better Relationships

Did you know that understanding relationship dynamics is one of the biggest shortcuts to achieving self growth? Have you ever wondered why relationships can be so hard? Do you feel empowered or disempowered when you think about relationship?

One of the best kept secrets about relationships is this: they give us our best learning and growth. In the relationship area of NLPtech, we explore relationship from many angles including:

  • physical
  • emotional
  • energetic

Using a powerful tool called the relationship blueprint, we help bring your unconscious patterns to the surface of consciousness for healing. Once you heal unwanted hurts, meanings and other negative associations from relationships, you can move into the neutral zone.

The neutral zone helps you adopt a better mindset about relationship that allows you to relish in all you’ve learned.

A focus on learning = Better relationships.

Aren’t you tired of struggling with bad relationships? Isn’t it time to create more loving and kind relationships in your life? 

Think about how many cultural meanings we are given about relationships. You’ve probably heard things like, “relationships are hard,” “they are a lot of work,” or “they only bring you disappointment.” Dysfunctional family dynamics also make us believe we are not good at relating. We then carry these beliefs into our relationships, and ultimately prove our family right.

NLPtech for Relationship Communication

But what if you were able to see beautiful opportunities for growth and exploration? What if you could heal from past hurts, once and for all?

Join the number of couples and business partners who have explored their relationship blueprint to create better relationships.

The Process: 

  • Using Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling, we build a relationship blueprint
  • Applying a focused meditation technique, relationships are explored physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Relationship Dynamics are elicited and shifted accordingly

The Benefits: 

  • Stop rapport breaks before they happen
  • Release un-serving beliefs
  • Transform patterns of miscommunication

It’s time to create the life you want and relationships are your biggest key to success!

Watch this video for a demonstration of a couple trying to navigate through one of the most difficult situations, misaligned neurological levels.