Calling Back Energy from the Past

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Recently I had a session with a client who I know to be very powerful. She is highly intuitive and successful in the world. In past sessions, she’s shared her knowledge of her past lives as a shaman with me and she definitely carries this vibration in her.

She came in for a sacred surgery session to release some of the emotional stuff she’s been dealing with lately. What was a bit unexpected was her ability to go quickly through connections to past lives that came up, one after the other, as I worked above her physical body. We were halfway through the session when I heard, “She needs to call back her energy.” I waited until she moved through emotional release and then tell her. She asks me, “What does that mean?” So I ask for assistance, what is it I need to tell her to do?

Turns out, because this particular client has had many incarnations, she’s had many opportunities to transition. And for her, we learned she had left “pieces” of herself, energetically speaking, at some of the places she transitioned. This is why she is having a hard time changing some of her circumstances in present time; she needs more of her energy available to her now so she can create solutions in a different way.

So we spent the rest of her session honoring her incarnations and calling her energy back. It was really neat for me because she was going to places very quickly. She had left energy at the bottom of an ocean,  in a savanna and in some pottery in Mexico…she kept going on and on. After many minutes I was told that she would need more time for this activity and she heard, “Yes, she’s been here a lot, 73 times to be exact…she needs more time.” So we set the intention for this process to continue to run in the background for the next couple of weeks (what her guides said).

As we moved toward closing the session, I was told to honor her and welcome her back to this moment as the shaman. So I lit some incense and I blessed her and gave her great thanks. There were many words I said that I don’t remember but I  do remember the impact they had on her and her deep appreciation. When the session was complete she looked more peaceful and lively. She seemed very happy to know her energy was on its way back to her. I was so happy for her.

I love the timing of this session as I wrote a blog post about energy just a short time ago. In that post, Where’s Your Energy?, I offered a quick way to call your energy back from projects, places and people. For those of you who believe in past lives and are feeling depleted, does this resonate with you? Do you think you’ve left some energy in the past? If so, you know what to do…

Call it back, call it back, call it back, call it back. (to the tune of Cupid Shuffle) 🙂

"Live your relationship to other in alignment with who you know your best self to be"

Sacred Cenote in Chichen Itza where human sacrifices took place.  – Photo by Janis Underwood






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