Four Questions to Help You Get Back in Your Body

I thought it might be helpful to share a little bit about my story this afternoon because so many people have asked me how they can be in their body better. First, I want you to know I understand how hard it can be.

Ever feel like a newbie in your body? I’ve been there. I spent a good twenty or so years living in my head. But, come on, I used to be very proud of how smart I was. 🙂  I had the title of engineer and I enjoyed the work I got to do. I loved solving problems all day, every day. But even though I loved what I did and made some amazing progress in my career, I just didn’t feel whole, I was tired and I wasn’t happy.Laughing Buddha

I looked up one day to find I had created a lot of situations in my life I didn’t want anymore. I knew it was time for a change but I didn’t know how to make it. It took me years to find the right key to turn.

Addressing the Body

It wasn’t until I had seen several practitioners that I realized one of my biggest hurdles to making the lifestyle changes I wanted would be getting back in my body. See, I had been out of my body for so long I didn’t know how to be in it. I had learned to ignore my body because I had lived with chronic pain for about 12 years by the time I saw my first alternative health practitioner.

The acupuncturist I saw specialized in chronic pain, and while I was skeptical, I was ready to try anything to change. Thank goodness she was able to help me get relief from something I’d been told I would have all my life. More than that, though, she helped me feel my body again. This began a relationship with my body that would move me towards healing and feeling a wide array of emotions again.

A New Relationship with Me

These days I continue working on my body and getting to know it. And through the help of regular shamanic study, including altar building, I continue to learn more about our physical bodies and how they help us navigate and create in our physical world.

One thing I know for sure that I’d like to pass on to you is this: we have to, have to, take care of our body. This knowing became very clear to me in 2014. That year my grandfather died and though it was sad to lose him, his death gave me so many gifts. One of the greatest gifts I received was a deeper understanding of what life and death were. I learned what happened after death and how we could honor our physical lives better.

Through shamanic practice, I’ve learned how to honor the material world as an extension of myself. This honoring of our physicality is powerful. At the end of my grandfather’s life, I performed ceremonies that taught me how to honor physicality.

I was instructed to sit in ceremony for four additional days after his death to help the physical body recover from it’s loss of “life force energy”. This act would honor the four incarnations of my grandfather’s life, i.e. the physical, mental, emotional and energetic (spiritual) bodies.

This powerful work taught me about energy and how our will and desire extends from our body and dances with creation. Knowing this makes the act of manifesting clearer and easier.

So the biggest secret to creating is our physical bodies. We need them to manifest what we want, (see The Biggest Secret to Manifesting ). Think of it this way: our physical body “anchors” us in the world. It is this anchor that creates a physical reference point for inspiration and idea to take form outside of us.

PhysicalityOutside of my own experiences, I have seen many shifts in my clients’ lives as they get back in their bodies. Some big and some small. There are so many things I could tell you about their “magical” experiences but I don’t have enough time in this blog. But think of it this way, once people get back in their bodies, they can feel into inspirations and ideas better and this allows energy to flow from them into physicality, making a big difference in their lives.

So if you are ready to enjoy your life in a way you haven’t before, I invite you to take the simple quiz below to see how well you are “embodied” in your physical world.

Happy living and creating! – Janis

In Your Body Quiz

  1. Do you feel “spacey” or ungrounded during the week? If so, how often?
  2. Do you have a hard time navigating through your surroundings? Do people call you clumsy?
  3. Do you feel most of your energy around or in your head?
  4. Have you had a chronic physical condition that you hardly notice anymore?

If your answers to three of these are yes, you may be missing a key component to creating the life you want.

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